Jive CMR Hack for Individual Stats

Originally published Jan 29, 2014 in JiveWorks.

My CEO, David Levin, is leaving in a month and he’s been our #1 community champion, so when he reached out to me yesterday to ask for counts of his total posts and activity in the community over the years, I wanted to help him as quickly as possible. Looking for the fastest solution, I turned to the Community Manager Reports (CMR) in the hope I could make them cough up the data, and I found a simple way to make it work.

To filter the data down to just one person’s results, I added a unique tag to my CEO’s profile (ceo_david_levin). The change did not affect CMR immediately, but after a few minutes I was able to filter CMR on that tag.

Presto! Individual stats for my CEO!

This method would also make it really simple to create custom reports for specific groups of individuals, such as small teams that are not already distinguished in our profile fields. So, if you get a special request for stats for a set of people, it would not be hard to add a unique tag to each profile, and then pull custom CMR views for them.

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