Reports & Data Analysis

For nearly 20 years, we've been developing innovative metrics to meet specific business needs. Let us create and deliver meaningful reports for you and your stakeholders, at whatever level of detail or granularity you need, while you focus on building and engaging your community.

Our reporting packages go way beyond the standard reports your community platform provides. We'll align your metrics with your business objectives to measure what really matters to your organization and show your stakeholders how much value your community delivers. And our reports go beyond the numbers: every report includes our experienced insight and analysis to highlight what is most important and to alert you about areas you should focus on.

We'll even be your on-call data analyst to help you make data-driven decisions. Included in our services are hours you can use for ad hoc requests, such as one-off analysis projects (for example, how to measure the effectiveness of an engagement campaign) or answering those tricky questions from your boss that you don't have time or perhaps the specialized skills to figure out.

You'll also become part of our customer community, where you can learn from and with your peers in other organizations, sharing ideas, solutions and questions. We understand the power of community!

Community Health Check

A good place to start improving your online community is with an expert assessment from an outside perspective. We'll conduct a qualitative and quantitative review of your site so you can decide where to focus your improvement efforts.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable analytics show you how to increase value. Let us set up easy-to-use interactive dashboards in a powerful business intelligence tool that we maintain and update for you.

You'll discover that drilling down into your data reveals hidden insights, allows you to answer all kinds of questions and set your priorities effectively. Quickly find answers to questions like these:

  • What are the most effective places in your community and why? Which ones need more attention?
  • Why did last month's numbers decrease/increase?
  • What kinds of communications produce the most engagement?

We'll provide you with tools to identify the levers you can pull to make your community more valuable.

Software Selection

Every community owner should be assessing software platforms every year, but the process most companies follow is inefficient and ineffective. Let us help: we've done your homework for you.

Whether you just want an overview of the marketplace so you know what options you should be considering, or you want us to provide you with our detailed RFP and scorecard, customized to your needs, our extensive knowledge of the top online community platforms can make your assessment process more efficient and effective.

We can help you define your short and long-term community objectives and top use cases, and our innovative and collaborative approach to interacting with the vendors will make the time you spend with them more valuable for you and your stakeholders. We'll also provide you with access to sandbox sites along with other community owners who are assessing the same platforms you are, so you can learn together and from each other as you try out the platforms and learn first-hand what it's like to work with them.

We also work directly with vendors to help them improve their products and the way that they explain them to buyers. We're working collaboratively to make the software selection process, and the products themselves, better for everyone.

Let's Talk

Schedule a free call to discuss your goals and plans for your online community.